Hannah McKee Mental Health Counseling Intern Savannah GA 320

Hannah Fitzgerald, APC

Feelings of anxiety, sadness, resentment, disappointment, and grief are moments that can teach us about ourselves – our ability to cope, to heal, to change, and to live fully in the present moment. These feelings are like messengers that show us where we might feel stuck. We respond to these moments based on our past experiences, our patterns, and our sense of self. You want to unlock a renewed sense of self-awareness, learn effective coping skills, and learn how to experience life’s transitions with the ability to be present. Together, we can create a treatment plan based on your unique goals. I utilize an eclectic approach that is client-centered and mindfulness-based. Regardless of the technique used, my focus is on cultivating a healing therapeutic relationship with you. I am currently working as a clinical mental health counseling intern with C. Williams & Associates. At this time, I am not accepting any forms of payment or insurance.