College Students Therapy

Providing Student Therapy for Student Stress

We know that life as a college student can be very tough and comes with its own type of stresses. We specialize in working with college students who are dealing with the pressures of studying, test taking, socializing and other activities. We also work with many post-college graduates who are experiencing anxiety due to the transition into the real world.

At C. Williams & Associates, we offer therapy tailored to these unique challenges and work with many college students in Savannah who attend Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Savannah State University and other institutions in the area.

Some of the areas of therapy that we commonly treat in college students include:



Our College Student Therapy Specialists

Chris Williams, LPC

Hannah Fitzgerald, APC

Seneca Pender, LCSW

Tosha S. Robbins, LPC