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Our Mental Health Therapists Serving Savannah, GA

At C. Williams & Associates, we're dedicated to helping couples, children, adults and college students overcome a variety of challenges. We specialize in a variety of different challenges, such as anxiety, depression, marriage counseling, conflict resolution, LGBTQIA, professional issues and trauma.

Cori Williams, LPC

I have extensive experience treating individuals with anxiety, depression and attachment issues. I am most passionate about advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. I specialize in counseling...
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Chris Williams, LPC

I have experience treating individuals with depression, anxiety, as well as couples counseling. My passion is working with couples dealing with communication difficulties, trust issues, as well as parenting style...
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Mark Taylor, LPC

I work hard to use my own personal life experience, education and training to positively motivate others to gain insight into their struggles and empower them to live their life...
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Seneca Pender, LCSW

The decision to engage in therapy can be life changing. It can also be scary and challenging as we are giving up the most vulnerable details of our lives in...
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Tosha S. Robbins, LPC

I have over 20 yrs. experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and military families addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, anger management, self-esteem, suicidality, grief and loss, family conflict,...
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Kimberly Nielsen, LPCA

Are you struggling with this thing called life? Are you playing the game but don't feel like you win? It takes awareness to realize your efforts are not returning the...
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Hannah McKee, Mental Health Counseling Intern

Feelings of anxiety, sadness, resentment, disappointment, and grief are moments that can teach us about ourselves - our ability to cope, to heal, to change, and to live fully in...
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David Fitzgerald, Mental Health Counseling Intern

My love of counseling stems from an intense desire to act as a catalyst in the process of helping clients achieve their goals. I believe that the counseling relationship is...
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Peri Kyriacos, LCSW

My counseling style is warm, open and collaborative. I employ and teach practical hands-on tools to assist clients in resolving self-defeating thoughts and resulting choices; Replacing them with the skills...
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