Peri Kyriacos, LCSW

My counseling style is warm, open and collaborative. I employ and teach practical hands-on tools to assist clients in resolving self-defeating thoughts and resulting choices; Replacing them with the skills and attitudes that empower one’s self-confidence and awareness in dealing with life’s struggles. I believe with knowledge, belies strength and ultimately will enhance and increase the peace and joy in one’s life. My role as your Counselor is to teach you to love yourself, and empower you to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

My passion is helping people struggling with addiction and helping them find ‘connection’ and purpose. Ultimately guiding them on how to obtain long term recovery. In addition, supporting family members who may feel helpless and worried about loved one’s battling addiction

If you are ready to live a less complicated and more meaningful life that supports your inner strengths and focuses on ‘What is right with you’, let me guide you on how to live in the moment. One breath at a time.